Portuguese English translation of words.
Words commencing in G.

Oi gente!

This is one more page of words I have selected for your Portuguese English translation. This time words commencing in G.

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gabardine – gabardine, mac f.

gado – livestock, cattle

gajo – guy, fellow, bloke

galão - milky coffee, gallon m.

galinha – hen, chicken

galo - cock

ganhar - to win, to earn

ganso - goose

garagem - garage f.

garfo - fork

gargalhada - laughter

garoto – espresso with milk

garrafa - bottle

gás - gas m.

gasolina - petrol

gastar - to spend, to wear

gato/a - cat

gaveta - drawer

geada - frost

gel de banho/duche - bath/shower gel

gelado - ice-cream

gelado/a - frozen

gelataria - ice cream parlour

geleia - jam

gelo - ice

género – gender, type, kind, sort

genro - son-in-law

gente - people f.

gente: a gente – people, one, we

gente: toda a gente - everybody

geral - general

geral: de uma maneira geral - in general, genarally speaking

geral: em geral - in general ; generally

geralmente – often, generally

gerente - manager

gigante - giant

gim - gin

ginásio - gym

ginástica - gymnastics

gíria - slang

giro/a – cute, great, fab, terrific

giz - chalk m.

golo - goal

gordo/a - fat

gorjeta – tip, gratuity

gostar de - to like

gosto – taste, liking, pleasure

gota - drop

governanta - housekeeper

governar - to govern, to rule

governo - government

gozar - to make fun of, to enjoy

graça – grace, joke

graça: ter graça - to be funny

graças a - thanks to

grama - gramme

gramática - grammar

grande – big, great, large

gravata - tie

grave – serious, grave

grelhado/a - grilled

grelhador - grill

grelhar - to grill

greve - strike

gripe - flu f.

gritar - to shout - cry

grosso/a - thick

grupo - group

guarda – guard, police wo/man m/f.

guarda-chuva - umbrella

guarda-fatos - wardrobe

guardanapo - napkin

guardar - to keep, to put away

guerra - war

guerrear - to fight (children), to wage war

guerrilha - guerilla

guia - guide m/f.

guiar - to guide, to drive

guiché - ticket office m.

guindaste - hoist, crane m.

guitarra - guitar

guitarrista – guitarist

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