Olá! I'm Rafa and I will guide you to learn Portuguese quickly!

You may have come to this site because you want to learn Portuguese.

Or you may be searching for a specific topic relating to Portuguese culture or perhaps just a useful Portuguese phrase.

Maybe you are looking for a Portuguese Teacher, or for advice about how to do, set up and expand your business in Brazil, Portugal, Angola or any other Portuguese speaking country.

You may also have come to this site because you realize that when you arrive in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, A Guiné, S. Tomé, Cape Verde, East Timor, Madeira or the Azores, you will need to speak the local language. You may also need to know about the people and their culture.

This site and the materials suggested here aim to teach you how to learn Portuguese, what to listen for, and what to say in Portuguese speaking countries, and to understand what Portuguese native speakers are saying to you. All this combined with useful tips to help you better understand the locals' culture too.

By using these ideas and by being aware of what to remember when you want to speak Portuguese, you will learn to control and manage everyday situations with such ease that the locals will be impressed with how well a foreigner is able to communicate with them.

With just a few words of Portuguese you will open the doors of communication and establish rapport.

In this site, your opinion is important. So you can vote and/or suggest a topic that you'd like to learn by clicking here. Now and then, I'll suggest 4 topics and the one that wins will be added to the site.

Did you know that you will only need to learn about 300 words to sustain a conversation? Obviously combined with a good method? Those Portuguese words and that method are here for you.

If you follow my recommendations you'll be learning each item in a way that you'll hardly forget again.

You have chosen the right way to make your visit go smoothly. Every technique, word or expression you learn relates to real situations in Portuguese speaking countries.

I know this site will change your mind about learning how to speak Portuguese and, armed with the confidence you will gain, you might choose to learn more and more. And, I'll be here looking forward to that day. I will be here to help you too!

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A brand new book - The Language Lover’s Guide To Learning Portuguese - is now available for you to guide you and help you understand and practice your Portuguese. This new creation has been written in cooperation with Russell Walker from learningportuguese.co.uk. Please click on the image and check it out.

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Muito obrigado! [Thank you very much!]

Rafa. x

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Latest updates:

Sign up for a Portuguese free newsletter.
Sign Up for Free Portuguese Newsletter.
Portuguese teacher and other services.
I am a highly qualified and experienced Portuguese teacher, with brilliant proven results and I am putting my teaching services available for you here. Find out how.
How to learn Portuguese - The mindset
To know how to learn Portuguese, understand the way your brain works first. Learn about the psychological barriers that holds you back when you try to learn Portuguese.
Portuguese words, vocabulary and techniques to learn Portuguese
The most important Portuguese words with which you can speak
Basic Portuguese Phrases
Basic portuguese phrases you need to know to get by in a Portuguese speaking country or environment.
Learn European Portuguese
Here you'll learn European Portuguese - from the alphabet and pronunciation to the grammar rules.
Portuguese culture
Here you will find some interesting tips about the Portuguese culture.
Learn to speak Brazilian Portuguese
Here you'll learn to speak Brazilian Portuguese - from the pronunciation and alphabet to the grammar rules and useful phrases.
Brazilian Culture
Brazilian Culture is so rich. Find out how here.
The Portuguese grammar explained
Do you want to understand Portuguese Grammar? Here you'll learn it easily!
Portuguese Word order.
Here you can learn the Portuguese word order and how to build sentences.
Portuguese Language Resources
In this page you will find a great deal of Portuguese language resources. Have a look here.
Portuguese to English dictionary
Online Portuguese to English Dictionary with hundreds of useful words and expressions.
Portuguese recipes
Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese recipes? Hummm... Just read this if you are not hungry, because if you do, you will!
What's new ?
Here you'll find the most recent updates of this site. Here I'll keep you posted. Don't worry!
Free Portuguese lessons - Cognate words.
This is one of many free Portuguese lessons - Here you'll learn how to transform English words into Portuguese words easily.
Learn Portuguese Free - Decide what's next!
Here you can vote what you want me to write about next. Learn Portuguese free here.
If you'd like to contact me with any comments or suggestions, please do so here.
This is Me - Rafa!
By knowing a little bit about myself and how I learn languages will inspire you to learn Portuguese with confidence.
Portuguese Business
I know what you need in order for you to run your Portuguese Business in Brazil, Angola, Portugal, Mozambique and any other Portuguese speaking country.
Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions - This site has been built in good faith.
Useful Portuguese Phrases
Are you looking for useful Portuguese phrases you can use every day? This is the right place. Find out why!
Portuguese Language Translator
Portuguese language translator - a tool youi might find useful.
Treaty of Tordesillas
The Treaty of Tordesillas - the treaty that determined where we'd speak Portuguese in the world. Find out here.
Portuguese Personal Infinitive
Here you'll understand how useful the portuguese personal Infinitive is and how to use it correctly.
Resources for Portuguese Learning.
Here you'll find online resources for Portuguese Learning. Get them now!
Portuguese Present Subjunctive
Overcome the mith of the Portuguese Present Subjunctive.
Brazilian Dance Music
Learn the roll that Brazilian dance music plays. Find out here now!
How to speak Portuguese
Wondering how to speak Portuguese? It's easier than you may have thought! Find out how here, and make it easy!
Brazilian Portuguese Traditions
Learn about the Brazilian Portuguese traditions here and how to behave with the Brazilians.
Brazilian Portuguese Phrases
Would you like to learn some Brazilian Portuguese phrases that allows you to communicate with Brazilians? Here you have them!
Learn Portuguese Online Free
Learn portuguese online free is the chance you have by reading the content of this site. I'm a Portuguese speaker and I've made it for you.
Portuguese adverbs
Portuguese adverbs are words you use to express intensity place, quantity and so on. Learn them now and start speaking eloquently!
Learn Portuguese Words
Here you can learn Portuguese words by thematical categories (the family, the body, clothing, etc).
Buying Train Tickets
Learn once buying train tickets in Portuguese and use it forever. Find out how here.
Learn Portuguese language
Learn Portuguese language. The audio resources you need to do both start speaking and master your Portuguese today!
Portuguese traditions
This page will tell you about Portuguese traditions. You'll be amazed by the role that culture plays when you practice or learn Portuguese.
The Future Subjunctive in Portuguese - Futuro do Conjuntivo/Subjuntivo.
Unsderstand how to use the Future Subjunctive in Portuguese. It's easy! Find out how here.
Onde and Aonde in Portuguese
The subtle difference between Onde and Aonde in Portuguese.
European Portuguese Pronouns
Wondering how to use European Portuguese Pronouns? Find it out here.
Brazilian Portuguese Pronouns
Brazilian Portuguese Pronouns are easy to understand. Check it out.
Learn Portuguese Online With Video-Lessons
Would you like to learn Portuguese online with videos? Watch and learn from these video-lessons now!
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Privacy policy

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