The Portuguese Culture.

Things that you need to know about
Portugal and the Portuguese.

Boas! (Hi!)

Are you interested in understanding the Portuguese culture?

Do you have Portuguese family and/or friends and you want to learn more about their ways of living, past generations and inner-identity?

On this page, you'll learn about their culture and habits.

You will learn a bit more about the way the Portuguese think, and why they are the way they are.

I'll explain some Portuguese traditions, their festivity moments, their romantic way of seeing life, their family values, the way they dress, what they eat, what they like...

The Portuguese presence in the world is considered as very rich, for the mixture of small details that form, in a big picture, the identity of a nation.

Please click the links below to learn more about the culture:

  • Portuguese traditions.
  • Treaty of Tordesillas.
  • Portuguese breakfast.
  • Portuguese TV
  • Moving to Portugal
  • Very interesting aspects about the Portuguese culture
  • Kate's Forum holds a comprehensive list of important facts about Portugal and the Portuguese. Please check it out because the information of this forum is an added value to you who wants to know the Portuguese, their identity, their clothing, their food, their history, traditions, social stratification and so on. I thank you Kate on behalf of all of us. Muito obrigado!

    Rafael Tavares.

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