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Here you have a Brazilian Portuguese English dictionary with a list of words in H.

Also, you can always click on the letters below, to find out other words or expressions.

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há - there is/are

há quanto tempo? - for how long ?

habitante - inhabitant

habitar - to inhabit

habituado/a - used to, accustomed to

habituar-se - to get used to

haver - to have, (nm.) assets

hidrângea - hydrangea

hipismo - horse riding

história – history, story

hoje - today

hoje: hoje em dia - nowadays

homem - man m.

honesto/a - honest

hóquei - hockey m.

hora – hour, time

horário - timetable

horário de funcionamento - opening hours

horário (dos comboios, etc.) - (train) timetable

horrível – horrible, terrible

horta - vegetable garden

hóspede - lodger, guest

hospedeira - air stewardess

hospital - hospital m.

hotel - hotel m.

humano/a - human

humidade – damp, humidity f.

húmido/a – damp, humid

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