Useful Portuguese Phrases.

Find out the phrases you use every day.

Bom Dia! (Good morning!)

You may have come to this page because you are looking for some useful Portuguese phrases.

Indeed, there are certain phrases we use every day at all times.

If you click the button basic phrases on the navigation bar on the left, you will see many of them, very useful indeed.

However, today I'll present to you probably the most important ones you may use when you talk to people, when you meet them for the first time or meet them again later on.

So, get prepared for some more useful Portuguese phrases.

Eu não falo português.

I don't speak Portuguese.

(Você) Fala inglês?

Do you speak English?

Eu sou de...(Londres)

I am from... (London)

Eu sou português.

I'm Portuguese.

Desculpe / Com licença.

Excuse me.

Muito obrigado/a.

Thank you very much.

De nada.

You are welcome/No problem.



Não faz mal / Não tem importância.

No problem at all.

Olá / Oi.

Hi / Hello.

Onde é a casa de banho / o banheiro?

Where is the bathroom, please?

É longe?

Is it far?

É perto?

Is it near?

Quanto tempo a pé? / Quanto tempo de carro?

How long on foot? / How long by car?

Como se chama?

What's your name?

I'm Rafael.

Aceita cartão (de crédito)?

Do you take (credit) card?

Não se importa de falar mais devagar?

Do you mind speaking more slowly, please?

Eu preciso de...

I need...

Quanto é? / Quanto custa?

How much is it?

Eu não percebo. / Eu não entendo.

I don't understand.

Só um momento. / Só um minuto.

Just a moment. / Just a minute.

Onde fica a farmácia mais próxima?

Where is the nearest chemist?

Eu não tenho dólares/Libras/Euros.

I don't have Dollars/Pounds/Euros.

Aceita dólares/Libras/Euros?

Do you accept Dollars/Pounds/Euros?

Posso pagar com dólares/Libras/Euros?

Can I pay with Dollars/Pounds/Euros.

Muito Prazer!

Pleased to meet you!

O prazer é meu.

My pleasure.

Até mais.

see you later.

Tchau! Bye!

These are indeed some useful Portuguese phrases that we use every day.

you must learn these first and when you are ready you must jump into the next lot of expressions.

There are, however some other expressions you need to know when you meet people.

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There are, however some other useful Portuguese phrases you need to know when you meet people.

Let's check them out and learn them.

What people say when they meet:

Olá. tudo bem? / Olá Tudo bom?

Hi, how are you/are you doing/is it going?

Tudo bem! Obrigado/a

All good, thanks.

Conhece o Pedro/a Maria?

Have you met Pedro/Maria?

Ainda não.

Not yet.

Já sim.

Yes I have.

Apresento-lhe o Pedro/a Maria.

Let me introduce you/I'd like you to meet Pedro/Maria.

Muito Prazer!

Pleased to meet you!

O prazer é meu.

My pleasure.

Já ouvi falar muito de si/de você.

I've heard a lot about you.

A sério? / É mesmo?


Não acredite. É exagero.

Don't believe it. That's exaggeration.

Finalmente nos comhecemos pessoalmente.

At last we meet personally.


Ena! / Nossa!

prazer em vê-lo / em vê-la!

Nice to see you again!

And this is it. This is all you need to know today.

Once again, learn these phrases well up to the point they become automatic in your memory.

Tomorrow come back. Revise them and move forward.

Até amanhã!

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