European or Brazilian Portuguese to English translation.
Words commencing in U.

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If you are doing a Brazilian Portuguese to English translation, this dictionary may be useful to you.

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In this page you'll find some important words commencing in U.

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ultimamente – lately, lastly

último/a – latest, last

ultrapassar - to overtake

um/a - one, a/an (see indefinite articles)

unha - nail

unhas (das mãos, dos pés) - (finger, toe) nails

único/a – only one, unique, sole

unidade - unity unit f.

unidade de cuidados intensivos - intensive care unit

unido/a - united

universidade - university f.

universitario/a – university related

urgente - urgent

usar - to use

usar maquilhagem - to wear make-up

utensílios de cozinha - kitchen utensils

útil - useful

utilizar - to use, utilize

uva – grape

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