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In this page, you'll find some very important Portuguese words commencing in V.

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vaca - cow

vaca leiteira - milk cow

vacina - vaccine

vaga - wave

vago/a – vague, vacant

vale – valley, voucher m.

valer - to be worth

valor - value m.

vantagem - advantage f.

vapor - steam m.

varanda - balcony

variedade - variety f.

vários/as – various, several, many

varrer - to sweep

vassoura - broom

vazio/a - empty

vela – candle, car spark plug

velho/a - old

velocidade - speed f.

venda - sale

vendedor - salesman

vendedora - saleswoman

vender - to sell

vento - wind

vento forte - strong wind

vento fraco - soft wind

ver - to see

ver televisão - to watch TV

Verão - Summer m.

verdade - truth f.

verdade : na verdade - really

verniz (das unhas) - nail polish

vestido - dress

vestir - to wear (not for shoes & socks), to dress

vestir-se - to get dressed

vez – time, turn f.

vez : às vezes - at times, sometimes

vez : cada vez – each time

vez : cada vez mais - more and more

vez : de vez em quando - from time to time

vez : em vez de - instead of

viagem – journey,trip, voyage

viajar - to travel

viajar de (avião, camioneta, comboio, etc.) - to travel by (plane, coach, train, etc.)

vice-presidente - vice-president

vida - life

videira - vine

vidro – glass

vila - town

vinagre - vinager

vindima - wine harvest

vindimar - to harvest the grapes

vinha - vineyard

vinho - wine

vinho do Porto - Port wine

vinho tinto - red wine

vinho verde – sparkling wine

vinte - twenty

violeta - violet

violinista - violinist

vir - to come, come back, return

virar - to turn

visão - vision

visita – visit, visitor

visitar - to visit

vista – sight, view

visto que - seeing that, once

vistoso/a - eye catching

vitela - veal

vítima - victim

viúvo/a – widowed, widow

viver - to live

vivo/a - alive

vizinho/a - neighbour

voar - to fly

você - you

voleibol - volleyball m.

volta – return, turn

volta : à volta de - around

voltar (a) - to return, (to do again)

vomitar - to vomit, be sick

vontade - will f.

vontade : à vontade - at ease, comfortable

vos – you (see pronouns)

vosso/a – your (guys)

votar - to vote

voto - vote

vulgar – common

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