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Hundreds of words and expressions translated for you!


Are you looking for a Portuguese to English Dictionary?

Look no further, because, on this page there is a mini-dictionary of the most useful Portuguese words as well as some expressions.

In this dictionary, the "m." or the "f.", following each word, indicates that that word is either masculine or feminine respectively. The abbreviation "pl." stands for plural.

In some cases, next to a specific word, you will find a suggestion to see a specific item in grammar. Find it also in this site and learn why that particular word is important and how it is used.

So, are you looking for the meaning of a Portuguese word?

Go through the alphabetical order section of this dictionary, and check off the words that are of special interest to you.

Please note: In Portuguese, K, W and Y are used for foreign words and scientific symbols only.


 | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | L

 M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | X | Z

In case you want to buy a good Portuguese <=> English dictionary I can recommend this one by Porto Editora for you:

My view: This dictionary offers translation from and into English of thousands of words, with pronunciation tips, and some useful examples of when to use certain words or expressions. It has very helpful pronunciation tips. This is a great reference, which is in between basic pocket dictionaries and native Portuguese dictionaries.
This is an affiliate link.

If you are looking for a range of tools for translation on-line, you may as well want to visit the Portuguese language translator page by following this link here.

Having a good dictionary at hand is always a good idea.

Nowadays we obviously have many options available, for instance, apps we can download to our phones and pretty good online translation machines.

Although these translation machines are excellent for immediate understanding of the language, it doesn't compare to knowing the language yourself, so here I present to you a list of useful words that you will hear people use every day and that you may want to use too.

Please click the links by letter and check them out!

Boa sorte! [boah sohr-tay] EU / [boah sohr-chee] BR

Good luck!


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