Learn these Brazilian Portuguese phrases now.

And start speaking to Brazilians straight away!

Oi tudo bem?

Today we are going to learn how to use Brazilian Portuguese phrases to start talking to Brazilian people straight away.

After having met someone, be it for the first time or not, you might want to start some conversation with them.

If you are meeting someone for the first time, you need to learn two things first:

1. Some basic phrases to survive ,

and then get it to the next level by reading

2. Some useful Portuguese phrases to get by

Only after you have read that, you should read and learn the content of this page.

This page will teach you how to get you to talk to people.

So imagine you are meeting someone you have met before and obviously you need to show enthusiasm because you are seeing that person again.

So, you must get to them and say some Brazilian Portuguese phrases like:

Não acredito!

I can't believe it!

Nossa, há quanto tempo!

Long time no see, hein...

Tudo isso?

Has it been that long?

Seis meses, né?

It's been 6 months, right?

O tempo voa, né!

Time flies, doesn't it?

Você continua ótimo/ótima!

You still look great!

They might start telling you a story about something. Yes, Brazilians love long talks!

Unless your Portuguese is already good to sustain a long conversation in Portuguese, you may want to keep them talking while you listen. Yes, fake it until you make it! ;-)

If the conversation goes silent, you may spark it again by saying:

Então, o que você tem feito?

So, what have you been up to?

Como vão as coisas?

How's everything going?

Você ainda trabalha no mesmo lugar?

Are you still working at the same place?

Como está o pessoal lá em casa?

How's everyone at home?

A gente precisa de se ver mais vezes.

We need to get in touch more often!

By then, you might need to leave. So you might say...

Eu te ligo!

I'll call you!

Você ainda está com o mesmo telefône?

Do you still have the same number?

Tudo bem, me dá seu novo número ai.

OK, so please give me you new number.

Valeu, tchau. Um abraço.

OK, bye. Regards (Between 2 men).

Valeu, tchau. Um beijo

OK, bye. Regards (Between 2 women or 1 man and 1 woman)

You see, it's not difficult to start talking to people. And we don't need to know much about the language...

All we need is determination and know-how.

With just a few Brazilian Portuguese phrases, you can get along pretty easily.

So, now, get out there and practice it today. If you don't have anyone to practice this with today, do it with yourself in front of a mirror.

I mean it! I did it myself many times...

I hope you enjoyed this lesson, and come back tomorrow for more.

Até amanhã. (See you tomorrow.)

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