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Great Documentary about Brazilian Samba.

This is a great documentary (in Brazilian Portuguese) about this great Samba composer (Sambista) Bezerra da Silva, and how the day-to-day life inspires the production of new songs.
The language used in this video is mainly Brazilian Portuguese slang which might be a bit difficult for some of you, but it's worth watching anyway, and the way Samba is made is amazing!
Click the link below and enjoy! :-)

Bezerra da Silva.

Welcome to Learn Portuguese with Rafa

Do you want to learn Portuguese? Great! Here you can learn useful Portuguese phrases, Portuguese words and explanations about the culture and much more. Learn Portuguese quickly now.

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Portuguese traditions

This page will tell you about Portuguese traditions. You'll be amazed by the role that culture plays when you practice or learn Portuguese.

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Portuguese kale soup - Caldo verde

Portuguese kale soup: Learn how to make it here and enjoy it!

Continue reading "Portuguese kale soup - Caldo verde"

Learn Portuguese in London

Do you want to learn Portuguese in London? Read on and find out how you can learn it solidly, quicker, and efficiently .

Continue reading "Learn Portuguese in London"

The Portuguese grammar explained

Do you want to understand Portuguese Grammar? Here you'll learn it easily!

Continue reading "The Portuguese grammar explained"

Buying Train Tickets

Learn once buying train tickets in Portuguese and use it forever. Find out how here.

Continue reading "Buying Train Tickets"

Portuguese to English dictionary

Online Portuguese to English Dictionary with hundreds of useful words and expressions.

Continue reading "Portuguese to English dictionary"

Portuguese Language Resources

In this page you will find a great deal of Portuguese language resources. Have a look here.

Continue reading "Portuguese Language Resources"

How to speak Portuguese

Wondering how to speak Portuguese? It's easier than you may have thought! Find out how here, and make it easy!

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Portuguese Business

I know what you need in order for you to run your Portuguese Business in Brazil, Angola, Portugal, Mozambique and any other Portuguese speaking country.

Continue reading "Portuguese Business"

European Portuguese Learning Books

Would you like to know what the best European Portuguese learning books are? Click here and check it out now!

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Learn Portuguese language

Learn Portuguese language. The audio resources you need to do both start speaking and master your Portuguese today!

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Disclosure. Here you will find Questions and Answers about the nature of this site.

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Basic Portuguese Phrases

Basic portuguese phrases you need to know to get by in a Portuguese speaking country or environment.

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Learn Portuguese Online With Video-Lessons

Would you like to learn Portuguese online with videos? Watch and learn from these video-lessons now!

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Moving to Portugal

Are you moving to Portugal? This page may give you good tips. Check it out.

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Free Portuguese lessons - Cognate words.

This is one of many free Portuguese lessons - Here you'll learn how to transform English words into Portuguese words easily.

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How To Use Definite Articles In Portuguese

How To Use Definite Articles In Portuguese

Continue reading "How To Use Definite Articles In Portuguese"

How are you in portuguese

Do you want to know how to say How are you in portuguese? Check this out!

Continue reading "How are you in portuguese"

Resources for Portuguese Learning.

Here you'll find online resources for Portuguese Learning. Get them now!

Continue reading "Resources for Portuguese Learning."

Por and Para in portuguese

Por and Para in Portuguese - the easy way to find the distintion.

Continue reading "Por and Para in portuguese"

The evolution of languages

Just about 4 minutes of video explaining how "over the course of human history, thousands of languages have developed from what was once a much smaller number. How did we end up with so many? And how do we keep track of them all? Alex Gendler explains how linguists group languages into language families, demonstrating how these linguistic trees give us crucial insights into the past." Please copy the following link to your browser to watch the video: http://youtu.be/iWDKsHm6gTA

The best of Portugal!

If you want to see Portugal at a glance, this is it. Enjoy!

Continue reading "The best of Portugal!"

The best of Brazil!

This video will take you to various cities and places in Brazil. Enjoy the ride. :-)

Continue reading "The best of Brazil!"

Brazilian Portuguese Pronouns

Brazilian Portuguese Pronouns are easy to understand. Check it out.

Continue reading "Brazilian Portuguese Pronouns"

European Portuguese Pronouns

Wondering how to use European Portuguese Pronouns? Find it out here.

Continue reading "European Portuguese Pronouns"

Portuguese culture

Here you will find some interesting tips about the Portuguese culture.

Continue reading "Portuguese culture"

New words in Brazilian Portuguese

Novas palavras estão sendo adicionadas ao léxico português.
New words are being added to the Portuguese lexicon...
Video in Brazilian Portuguese.

Programa RTP (Mind your language)

A very interesting European Portuguese TV series that explain the origin of certain Portuguese cakes and linguistic advances under the new spelling agreement.All spoken in Portuguese. Check this out now as I don't know how long this is going to be available for.http://localhost/multimediahtml/video/cuidado-com-a-lingua/2011-06-09?country=GB&cache=1

Continue reading "Programa RTP (Mind your language)"

Portuguese words, vocabulary and techniques to learn Portuguese

The most important Portuguese words with which you can speak

Continue reading "Portuguese words, vocabulary and techniques to learn Portuguese"

Portuguese recipes

Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese recipes? Hummm... Just read this if you are not hungry, because if you do, you will!

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Portuguese teacher and other services.

I am a highly qualified and experienced Portuguese teacher, with brilliant proven results and I am putting my teaching services available for you here. Find out how.

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Sign up for a Portuguese free newsletter.

Sign Up for Free Portuguese Newsletter.

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Portuguese Language Translator

Portuguese language translator - a tool youi might find useful.

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The History Of The Portuguese Language


These are two great videos about the History of the Portuguese Language.

They are spoken in Portuguese (different accents) but with subtitles! Isn't this great?

So, why don't you practise your listening while you are enjoying them?

(Just a tip for your learning: Stop the videos and analyse each sentence. Look at the verbs - tenses - and relevant vocabulary - such as what words are used to link two sentences together. Mind the vocabulary that you are likely to be using when talking about other things - write them down and ad them to your list.)

Rafa. x

Video 1 of 2.

Video 2 of 2.

Brazilian Dance Music

Learn the roll that Brazilian dance music plays. Find out here now!

Continue reading "Brazilian Dance Music"

Brazilian Culture

Brazilian Culture is so rich. Find out how here.

Continue reading "Brazilian Culture"

Brazilian Portuguese Traditions

Learn about the Brazilian Portuguese traditions here and how to behave with the Brazilians.

Continue reading "Brazilian Portuguese Traditions"

Learn Portuguese Online Free

Learn portuguese online free is the chance you have by reading the content of this site. I'm a Portuguese speaker and I've made it for you.

Continue reading "Learn Portuguese Online Free"

Two funny expressions in Portuguese.

Boa noite, tudo bem?

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine and one funny expression came along in the conversation:

"A galinha da minha vizinha era sempre melhor do que a minha."

This literally means "My neighbour's chicken was always better than my one." However what it means in Portuguese is:

"The grass was always greener on the other side."

Very funny, isn't it?

Today I was talking to another friend and he said something very funny too, yet very common which was:

"Ele fala pelos cotovelos."

Which literally means "He talks by his elbows."

Can you figure out what it means?

OK, let me help you. That means:

"He talks like a parot - he never stops talking."

When you have a change to practise your Portuguese with your friend of relatives, try to bring these expressions to the conversation. You'll see they will be impressed with your Portuguese! ;-)

I just wanted to share this with you today...


Rafa x

Treaty of Tordesillas

The Treaty of Tordesillas - the treaty that determined where we'd speak Portuguese in the world. Find out here.

Continue reading "Treaty of Tordesillas "

Learn to speak Brazilian Portuguese

Here you'll learn to speak Brazilian Portuguese - from the pronunciation and alphabet to the grammar rules and useful phrases.

Continue reading "Learn to speak Brazilian Portuguese"

Learn European Portuguese

Here you'll learn European Portuguese - from the alphabet and pronunciation to the grammar rules.

Continue reading "Learn European Portuguese"

Brazilian Portuguese Phrases

Would you like to learn some Brazilian Portuguese phrases that allows you to communicate with Brazilians? Here you have them!

Continue reading "Brazilian Portuguese Phrases"

Useful Portuguese Phrases

Are you looking for useful Portuguese phrases you can use every day? This is the right place. Find out why!

Continue reading "Useful Portuguese Phrases"

Learn Portuguese Free - Decide what's next!

Here you can vote what you want me to write about next. Learn Portuguese free here.

Continue reading "Learn Portuguese Free - Decide what's next!"

Portuguese Clothing

Here you will find information about Portuguese Clothing and suggestions of presents to offer your friends and family.

Continue reading "Portuguese Clothing"

Learn Portuguese Words

Here you can learn Portuguese words by thematical categories (the family, the body, clothing, etc).

Continue reading "Learn Portuguese Words"

The Future Subjunctive in Portuguese - Futuro do Conjuntivo/Subjuntivo.

Unsderstand how to use the Future Subjunctive in Portuguese. It's easy! Find out how here.

Continue reading "The Future Subjunctive in Portuguese - Futuro do Conjuntivo/Subjuntivo."

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