Do you want to learn Portuguese words?

Learn them by groups of related words.

Olá, como vai?

A very good and natural way you have to learn Portuguese words is by categories of related words.

In this page I will give you some important words grouped in categories.


All the time we are talking about our family, or the family of others. So here I'll present you the whole family in Portuguese (with pronunciation tips in brackets).

Please remember that you might need the possessive pronouns (e.g. o meu, o teu, o seu, dele, etc.) to use these words.

OK, first the closest family.

Mãe (mah-ing) Mother/Mom
Pai (pie) Father/Dad
Pais (pie-ish) Parents
Marido (mah-ree-doo) Husband
Mulher (moo-lyehr)Wife

And now some more:

Filho (fee-lyeeoh)Son
Filha (fee-lyeeah) Daughter
Irmão (eer-maung) Brother
Irmã (eer-mah) Sister
Irmãos (eer-maoongsh)Brothers and sisters

Now let's go to grandparents end grandchildren:

Avô (ah-voh)Grandfather
Avó (ah-vÓH)Grandmother
Avós (ah-vÓsh Grandparents
Neto (neh-too) Grandson
Neta (Neh-tah)Granddaughter
Netos (neh-toosh)Grandchildren

Now, some less close family:

Tio (tee-oo) Uncle
Tia (tee-ah) Aunt
Sobrinho (soo-bree-nyoh) Nephew
Sobrinha (soo-bree-nyah) Niece
Prima (pree-mah) Cousin (female)
Primo (pree-moo) Cousin (male)

Some more distant relatives,

Genro (jaing-rooh) Son-in-law
Nora (noh-rah) Daughter-in-law
Sogro (soh-groo) Father-in-law
Sogra (soh-grah) Mother-in-law
Cunhado (coo-nyah-doo) Brother-in-law (male)
Cunhada (coo-nyah-dah) Sister-in-law (female)

And finally, the family-to-be members.

Namorado (Na-moo-rah-doo) Boyfriend
Namorada (Na-moo-rah-dah) Girlfriend
Companheiro (com-pah-nyaee-roo) Partner (male)
Companheira (com-pah-nyaee-rah) Partner (female)
Noivo (noee-voo)Fiancé (male)
Noiva (noee-vah) Fiancée (female)

And that's it! Now what you can do is build phrases with these words and start talking about your family to your friends...

Boa sorte.

Rafa x

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