Portuguese Kale Soup.

Learn how to make it and enjoy it!

Olá, Bom apetite!

Let's learn today how to make Portuguese kale soup.

Have you tried it yet?

Did you make it yourself?

OK, try this recipe and then compare it.

I have tried it myself and I just loooved the resuls. Yam yam!

This Portuguese soup is only good when made with:

The right ingredients,

Served at the right temperature and

Served on the right bowl.

Only if you respect this you'll be having the best Portuguese kale soup ever!

And, by the way, why not accompanying it with some Portuguese words too?

OK, here you go. I'll present it to you in English and Portuguese, in order for you to keep on with your study.

Ingredients (4 to 6 people)
Ingredientes (4 a 6 pessoas)
2 potatoes
2 onions
2 garlic slices
1 litre of water
200 grams of Kale cabage (cut in very fine slices)
4 soup spoons of olive oil
½ chouriço (meaty sausage)
1 piece of wholegrain corn bread
2 batatas
2 cebolas
2 dentes de alho
1 l de água
200 g de couve portuguesa (já cortada em caldo verde)
4 colheres de sopa de azeite
½ chouriço de carne
1 broa de milho
    Preparation - Preparação

Peel the potatoes, the onions and the garlic

Chop everything in little pieces and put it all in a saucepan.

Add the water.

Put salt as you like.

Put the saucepan to cook.

Let it boiling until the potatoes get smooth.

In the meantime wash the kale cabbage with a colander until the water gets clear

Drain it well

With a blender smash everything in the saucepan

Let it cook a bit longer.

When it starts boiling add the previously cut kale.

spread the olive oil on the pan.

Leave it boiling for 10 minutes.

Serve it on a red clay bowl with a sausage (either vegetarian or not) cut in slices and accompany it with slices of wholegrain bread.

.... Descasque as batatas, as cebolas e os alhos.

Corte tudo em bocados para dentro de uma panela.

Junte a água.

Tempere com sal.

Leve ao lume.

Deixe ferver até as batatas estarem macias.

Entretanto, deite a couve num coador e lave em égua corrente até a água deixar de ser esverdeada.

Escorra bem a couve.

Reduza a sopa a puré com a varinha mágica.

Leve de novo ao lume.

Quando retomar fervura introduza a couve cortada.

Regue com o azeite

Deixe cozer durante 10 minutos.

Sirva a sopa numa tijela de barro vermelho com o chouriço cortado em rodelas e acompanhe com fatias de broa.

This is the Portuguese kale soup.

I hope you enjoy it tonight.

Bom proveito! (Enjoy your meal!)

Rafael x

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