At the cafe in Portuguese you say:

"Queria um cafezinho".


Dealing at the cafe in Portuguese is not big deal at all.

Although many waiters and waitresses in Portugal speak good English, it's quite likely that many others will only speak Portuguese with you.

So, what do you have to do?

Of course, you must learn how to deal with it, and here I'll tell you how. So please read on.

I have to admit that Portuguese coffee is among the best in the world. I'm saying that, not because I'm Portuguese but mainly because, when I travel the world, there are only very few places where I have real pleasure having a coffee, and Portugal is one among them.

Portuguese coffee is quite strong without being bitter.

Portuguese coffee is usually drunk as the Italian espresso which in Portugal you'll call "uma bica", "um café" or "um cimbalino" (this last name used more in the north of Portugal).

It can also be drunk with milk in the morning - um galão served in a tall glass (which is equivalent to the popular "café latte") or "uma meia de leite" served in a ceramic white cup - or it can also be drunk black, more likely during the day.

At the cafe in Portuguese the way you say "Can I have..." or "I'd like..." is "Queria..." [kreeah], or simply "Era..." [AIR-rah], and then choose the things you want to learn from the list below:

So, as you are reading this, why don't you practice your role at the cafe in Portuguese? Come on! Say it aloud! Drill the same sentence many times with different foods (e.g. "Queria um café e uma sandes de queijo").

Por favor, queria... [Poor fahVOR, KREE-ah...]

Foods Pronunciation Meaning
Um café
Uma bica
Um cimbalino
oong café
OOmah BEE-ka
oong seem-ba-LEE-noo
An espresso
Um café cheio oong café SHAY-oo Full shot of espresso
Um garoto oong ga-RO-tto An espresso with a dash of milk
Um galão oong ga-LAOONG A café-latte
Um bolo de arroz oong BOHloo d'aRROOSH A rice cake
Um pastel de nata oong pash-TAIL de NU-tter A custard tart (Hmm delicious!)
Um pastel de bacalhau oong pash-TAIL de ba-ca-LEEAW Deep-fried cod fish pastry
Um croquete oong cro-KEH-tte A meat croquette
Um rissol de carne oong ree-SOL de CAR-ne Deep-fried pastry with mince meat inside
Uma sandes oomah SANDesh A sandwich
Uma sandes de queijo oomah SANDesh de KAY-djoo A cheese sandwich
Uma sandes de fiambre oomah SANDesh de fee-AM-bray A ham sandwich
Uma sandes mista oomah SANDesh MEESH-tah A ham and cheese sandwich
Uma torrada oomah too-RAH-dah A large and tall piece of toast cut in 6 parts

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Please note that I've written these small sentences in a phonetic way to help you find a closer way you pronounce the words correctly. I've also capitalized the syllable where you should put the stress when you say them. I hope you have enjoyed this explanation about how to be at the cafe in Portuguese.

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