Onde and Aonde in Portuguese.

Learn them and use Them accurately.


Have you ever wondered about the difference between Onde and Aonde in Portuguese?

Well, the difference between these two words is so subtle that even many Portuguese speakers themselves don't know the difference.

In fact, when you speak a language as mother tongue, it's quite likely that you'll speak well and accurately without knowing why you are saying things in a certain way. With Portuguese speakers it's no different.

Aonde actually means "where to" being the contraction of the preposition "a" plus the adverb "onde".

Generally speaking, this preposition "A" gives you a sense of movement.

Thus, you'll be very likelly listening to Portuguese native speakers saying for instance "Aonde vai o Pedro?" rather than "Onde vai o Pedro?" - "Where is Pedro going to?".

Onde on it's turn means "where" and it has a rather more static meaning for something that doesn't move, used for instance in questions like "Onde fica o Hotel?" - "Where is the hotel?".

If you want this explanation about Onde and Aonde in Portuguese, please read on.

Aonde é um advérbio composto por "a" + "onde". A preposição a normalmente tem o sentido de movimento, por isso é que a "aonde" tem este sentido de movimento: ("Aonde é que vai o Pedro?)

O advérbio "onde" não tem necessariamente este sentido.

Portanto, "onde" deve-se ver mais em exemplos como : "Onde fica o Hotel?.

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