With these common Portuguese words you can start building your sentences and
speak straight away!

Bonita manhã, não?

Here you have some common Portuguese words with which you can start building some simple sentences. Start getting the taste of it now.

Remember that long sentences are just a group of small ones put together.

OK, here you go!

Word Sound
English Translation
Eu [eh-oo] I / Me
Ele [eh-lee] He / Him
Ela [eh-lah] She / Her
Você [voh-say] You
Word Sound
English Translation
Falo [fah-loo] I speak
Fala [fah-lah] You/he/she speak(s)
sey [say] I know
Desculpe [dsh-cool-peh] Excuse me
Vou [voh-oo] I go
Ir [eehr] To go
Sabe [sah-beh] You/he/she knows
Sabia [sah-bee-ah] I / You / She / He knew
Quero [keh-roo] I want
Quer [kehr] You / She / He want(s)
Come [coh-meh] You / She / He eat(s)
Comer [coo-mehr] To eat
Bebe [beh-beh] You / She / He drink(s)
Beber [Beh-behr] To drink
Ter [Tayhr] To have
Tenho [teh-nyio] I have
Tem [Teing] You / She / He has
Ser [seir] To be (permanent)
Estar [aysh-tahr] To be (temporary)
Sou [So-oo] I am (perm.)
É[ay] You are / She / He is
Estou [shto-oo] I am (temp.)
Está [sh-tah] You are / She / He is
Dar [darh] To give
Dou [doh-oo] I give
[dah] You / She / He give(s)
Word Sound
English Translation
Sem [saying] Without
Com [kong] With
Até [ah-tay] Until / Up to / See you!
No / Na [noo] / [nah] In the
Para [pah-rah] To / For / Towards / In order to
Por [poohr] For / Through / Via / By
De [dayh] EU / [chee] BR With
Word Sound
English Translation
Não [naong] No / Don't
Sim [sing] Yes
Agora [ah-goh-rah] Now
Devagar [deh-vah-gahr] Slow / Slowly
Depressa [deh-preh-sah] Quick / Quicky
Bem [baing] Well
Hoje [oh-jay] Today
Amanhã [ah-mah-nyiang] Tomorrow

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Here you have some sentences built with these common Portuguese words written by two of my students - C. and N.

    1) Amanhã vou viajar em Cailfornia por uma semana.

    2) Eu gosto de comer comida italiana.

    3. Cada día eu aprendo mais português.

    4. Ela está com os meus amigos de Londres.

    5. O meu nome não é Paula.

    6. Eu morei em Melbourne no princípio de 2007.

    7. Eu estudei um MBA por dois anos.

    8. Os meus amigos moram em todos os países do mundo.

    9. Para eu morar em Londres eu preciso de um apartamento

As you see, these are very good sentences - simple and clear - built with common Portuguese words.

To build sentences, please use the Portuguese vocabulary by clicking here (new window opens) or you can also use the Portuguese to English dictionary. Boa Sorte! [boh-ah sohr-teh] - Good luck!

Rafael x

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