The European and Brazilian Portuguese keyboard.


Here you have the images of the European and Brazilian Portuguese keyboard.

You can select the pictures and save them on your computer as "save picture as", or even print them out.

I have to admit that when I came to the UK, and wanted to produce documents in Portuguese, it was very difficult for me to find where the written accents were.

For some time I typed the document and printed it out and added the accents by hand. Obviously, it didn't look good. Until I discovered the codes to use!

So, you won't have to make the mistake I did!

This is what the keyboard for European Portuguese looks like. All you have to do is to ad Portuguese from Portugal to your Language Bar (in "Settings"). Then you can type any word in Portuguese ignoring the letter signs of your original keyboard.

And this is what the Brazilian keyboard looks like. You just need to ad Portuguese from Brazil to your Language Bar (in "Settings").

I'm adding here 2 YouTube videos with explanations for Windows and Mac. They might help you.

Video for Windows

Video for Mac:

Enjoy, and good luck with your typing!

Rafael Tavares

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