Do you want to recognize some Portuguese swear words when people talk?

Some of them require action from you, that's why you need to know them.

Ola, entao?

Swear words in Portuguese (palavrões or asneiras) are likely to be related to sex or sexual activities. As in any other language, they are very offensive but it's a matter of fact that everybody uses them in the streets, when angry, when complaining about something, or even when talking to friends or in a more relaxed environment.

Swear words are language too, and this site would be incomplete if I didn't cover this delicate subject. However, I decided to password protect this pages because the aim of this site is to educate and not to cause any kind of harm to anybody.

When visiting a Portuguese speaking country, you will realize that a lot of people use bad words. However, there are specific places like coffee shops, pastelarias, lanchonetes, restaurants and many other places where it's very unlikely to hear people saying these words.

Swearing shows your level of education, the respect you show to others, and the level of diplomacy and respect you want others to use towards you, and vice-versa.

My recommendation to you is, learn this words just to recognize them, but please don't say them to others because they can put yourself into trouble, and you might end up fighting, facing inconvenient and unpleasant situations, or even, in the worst case scenario, going to jail.

I've divided the bad words into 2 categories. The ones you use in Brazil, and the ones you use in Portugal. I'll explain the situations and contexts where you might hear them.

  • Brazilian Portuguese bad words.

  • European Portuguese bad words.

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