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A Language Guide To Learning Portuguese
July 01, 2014

Tudo bem?

This is the time.

This is the time for you to get your hands on this comprehensive Language Lover’s Guide To Learning Portuguese .

Indeed, after many ups and downs experienced in the last few months, here I am presenting to you another tool to help you learn Portuguese quicker, and help you understand those difficult concepts you may come across with when you study this beautiful language.

So, as promised, here are the book details:

  • It will be available for you to do both, download it in a digital format or order it as a hard copy from Aberto Publishing website..
  • 326 pages of pure and clear content and exercises for you, which include:
    • 1. Full pronunciation guide, with reference to word stress, diacritics, close and open vowels.

      2. Vocabulary for conversations and ice-breaking.

      3. Explanation of the basic grammar items - the meaning of those words we were never taught at school.

      4. The words you use to give quality to objects and actions.

      5. Difference between Ser and Estar, as well as when to use the right tense in the context of your conversation.

      6. All tenses fully and clearly explained.

      7. All verbal moods fully and clearly explained.

      8. Explanation on how to use the pronouns - those little words that replace the name of the objects or people.

      9. Explanation on how to give commands and instruct people to do something.

      10. Over 500 exercises with full English Translations for you to compare and contrast in both languages.

      Full verb tables with all the moods and tenses.

      11. Vocabulary for colours, numbers, medical terms, traffic and directions, animals, etc..

      and much, much more.

  • The e-Book comes in ePub, Mobi, AZK, and PDF formats. The paperback edition is 189mm x 246mm, with a glossy full colour cover, and high quality black and white interior.

    All in one. Isn't that great?

    Russell (from and I have worked hard to accomplish this task, and it's finally reddy for you.

    To celebrate the launch of this first edition, we are offering a 15% discount on both editions for the first 2 weeks. Just enter the code 'BGMPXTDX' when you place your order (voucher code valid until 14th July 2014).

    And that's it for now. I hope you enjoy it fully.

    Once again, get your copy of this Language Lover's Guide To Learning Portuguese NOW.

    Your friend,

    Rafa x

    PS 1: Questions about any topics? Success stories? Please let me know.

    PS 2: Also, no matter how you do it, please spread the word... Tell your friends and family, colleagues at work, about!. This site grows purely by word-of-mouth, allowing many people like you to "improve their Portuguese", and attract people just like you, to deliver value towards success!


    Tchau tchau!

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